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"Uluslararası Liderlik"



About Us

Dear Business Partners and valuable Customers;

As Aluminal Aluminyum Cam San. Ve Tic. A.S. which was established and went into action with the partnership of Kleidco Yapi Sistemleri in the province of Denizli, we have been and keep being involved in many projects bearing our signature along with our innovative and experienced structure pursuing the developments in Turkey and all around the world.

By combining our method focusing on advanced technologies, our solutions focusing on strong engineering, our knowledge, and experience, we are aiming to be a pioneer in the industry.

As Aluminal Aluminyum, our first aim is to move our community and country forward with the strength we get from our unity and solidarity by following the current developments while sticking to our organizational structure.

Our Group which operates in the fields of Aluminium, Tourism, Chemistry and Renewable Energy continues to make enterprising, contemporary and innovative investments in order to serve to this purpose.

With its increasing experience in Turkey, our Group which consists of strong local and international partners has been working to diversify and make the current operations more productive.

Our Group has been working with all of its power to move our country forward and make it stronger and has been planning new investments for this purpose and working with its experienced team.

In our company where the understanding of trust, quality, and service has been implemented completely, each person keeps doing his job with his entire knowledge, education and a sensitive approach to the environment and human values.

In all of the fields we are operating, we are aiming to be not only a leader but also a pioneer and a global brand which will add value to our country. With their commitment to the working principles and our employees who are working in harmony as a big family, my belief that our companies will achieve all these goals is certain.

Mission & Vision


To offer facade engineering service on modern structures to the customers by combining it with the high technology, the finest quality and montage.


To be a leading firm in the industry by offering modern products with a professional staff who protects the environment and natural sources with modern, aesthetic, authentic solutions, reliable structures, and our unchanging quality policy.